Inclusive development means broad-based development that ensures widespread participation in growth and development. It makes sense economically and socially. Growth that is equitable, sustainable and widespread will tend to be inclusive and positive, especially in countries with regionally dispersed populations. Where populations are dispersed widely throughout the regions, neglect of inclusive development will impact negatively on national growth performance. Commercial businesses with a deep understanding of what drives value added and profitability understand the critical importance of inclusive development in sustainable operations.


What is sustainability? The US EPA defines it this way: Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony (and) that permit (the) fulfilling (of) the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.


What can we do to enhance inclusive development in your country, industries and/or business?

Examine participation rates across sectors, regions and industries and identify constraints to participation and solutions that drive increased growth through improved inclusive development.

● Identify measures to stimulate capacity, innovation and increased productivity across all sectors of the country, industry or businesses.

● Examine the existing and potential role of Public Private Partnerships in generating improved inclusive development and greater participation across countries, regions, industries and businesses.


Our approach to building inclusive development:

Recognize the critical role of regional development and associated policies and constraints.

● Examine the strength of local and regional governments, including governance and access to resources.

● Ensure disadvantaged people are provided with effective support.

● Examine gender participation and constraints to improved rates.

● Check the participation rates are not abnormally low and identify reasons why.

● Work collaboratively with government and private sector stakeholders to gain support and commitment for improving participation and inclusive development.


Inclusive development examples

● Helped prepare National Development Plans for developing and less developed countries with focus on inclusive development, regional development and increased participation rates.

● Prepared roadmap for improved inclusive development and higher participation rates.


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