Wondu has strong country experience in both developed and developing countries. Our consultants are known for their adaptability, flexibility and respect for other cultures in an increasingly globalised economy. Our approach is to use a combination of local and international knowledge.
We have worked on a wide variety of international assignments, From policy related projects in countries like Kyrgystan and Uganda, to finding markets in China, to sustainable tourism in Brazil and commercial restructuring in Uruguay.

Wondu has completed assignments across the globe, in both developed and developing economies.


Country                                                Service
Argentina  Benchmarking, performance improvement
Australia Multiple: performance improvement, risk management, food security
Brazil Sustainable tourism
China P.R. Pre-investment, feasibility
Denmark Pre-investment, feasibility
Ethiopia Industrial development
Hong Kong Market access
India Sustainable tourism, branding
Italy Market access
Kazakhstan Capacity building, performance improvement, agriculture, food, oil & gas
Kyrgyzstan Capacity building, performance improvement
Latvia Energy technology
Russia Market access
South Africa Benchmarking, performance improvement
Sweden Market access
Uganda Private sector development, capacity building, agriculture, food, oil & gas, risk management, PPPs.
UK Sustainable tourism, branding
Uruguay Restructuring, performance improvement
USA Pre-investment, feasibility
Vietnam Pre-investment, feasibility