We have over ten years experience at Wondu Holdings in the tourism industry. Our experience spans across the entire industry, including the online, airline, wholesale, retail, publishing and policy environments in both Australia and Europe.


With an average global profit margin of 1% and low barriers to entry, tourism remains one of the world’s most competitive and ‘footloose’ industries. It is also one of the few industries that has the capacity to deliver immediate foreign exchange and real increases in the standard of living for ordinary people. With the increase of information flows and advent of sophisticated online distribution systems, marketing and strategy have never been so sophisticated. Success in the tourism industry is becoming increasingly driven by product differentiation, targeted distribution networks and a slick online presence.


And in 2008, the industry will begin to tackle the very real new challenge of sustainable development. The impact of climate change on consumer perceptions of travel and tourism and possibly on the overall existence of attractions, is expected to have a radical impact over the next ten years. Companies or countries will need a strongly defined approach to climate change while cultural and environmental sustainability will be included on the ‘green’ bottom line.


We have a strong and proven record in Sustainable tourism development; Online distribution strategy and business systems development; Online content development; Account management; General and Project Management; Team Leadership; Product Development; Contract Negotiation; Strategic Development and Restructuring; Change management