Feasibility Studies

If we agree that decisions about investment are probably the most strategically important for any enterprise or industry or government then it follows that the feasibility study is one of the most important supporting processes for that strategy.

A feasibility study has to establish whether or not an investment is going to create value for the principal (s), be they public, private or a public private partnership.

The feasibility study has taken on added importance with the growth in PPPs which often involve billions of investment dollars, durations of 30 years or more and complex mechanisms for transferring risk.

What Can We do For Your Organisation?

  • Industry and Sector Studies
  • Competition Policy Development
  • Regulatory Evaluation
  • Gain Market Access

Our Approach to Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are ot exercises for back of the envelope calculations and haphazard processes. The feasibility study has to be able demonstrate value creation, risk management and realistic funding support.