In September 2013 Apple went to the top of the World’s most valuable brand ratings list prepared by Inter-brand ( Coca Cola’s 13 year reign as the top world brand. At the time the Apple brand was valued at $98.3billion, an increase of 28% on the 2012 value. Apple has emerged as the master in a world of uncertainty, dominated by rapid technological change, globalization and transformational digitization of just about anything that moves or has potential to move.


Social media, innovation and vision, product design, new leadership, heavy investment in and recognition of people, collaboration, partnerships and a wider perspective on stakeholders underpin growth in brand value. Even more important is protection of brand and reputation value. Social media can undermine or even destroy brand value at the drop of a misplaced word or accident. Reputation risk management is now more important than ever and the rewards that much greater for those that can create the systems to both enhance brand value and protect the reputation it generates



What can we do for your organization to build brand value and protect your reputation?


Brand strategy is an integral part of all effective marketing strategies and that means clarity of objectives, purpose and programs for differentiation. That means understanding competitors and the nature of competition in the industry or sector as background to positioning. That means marketing analytics. Our work covers marketing and brand strategy development; market research including primary and secondary research data collection and analysis (qualitative and quantitative); support for new product design; digital brand management; retail marketing strategy with hands-on retail experience; and reputation risk management.



Our approach to brand and reputation management.


It’s our belief that brand and reputation management are the most important attributes to develop, maintain, monitor and protect for any country, industry, company, business or individual. This is the heart of value for any organization or individual. It needs support but new marketing is about exploiting the opportunities offered by the digital era and safeguarding the risks embodied in it.



Brand and reputation management examples

● More than 10 years of marketing research and consulting with government, industry and private companies and cooperatives including development of brands and design of reputation risk management frameworks.

● Use of advanced market research techniques including conjoint analysis.

● Creation of reputation risk management measuring and monitoring framework

● Valuation of brands and reputation at risk and identification of mitigation measures to protect brand and reputation value.


Interesting brand and reputation risk management