Traceability Systems

Traceability Systems:
Searching for the Optimal Traceability Model.

In an address to the global ID TECH Food and Livestock Traceability Conference & Trade Fair in Dallas, Texas [] It has been recommended that a 5 year sunset clause be part of a traceability system. Wondu Holdings Director, David Michael, said more care was required in designing traceability systems to ensure they enhanced industry competitiveness and delivered outcomes that users are willing to pay for. One thing that is certain with a traceability system is that it will not perform exactly as we expect, probably less than expected, for a while, sometimes a long time. The learning curve will be steep if we are managing it well and flat if we are ignoring performance and clients. The system needs to be under constant review to ensure it is keeping abreast of new technology and user’s willingness to pay. The organisational structure needs constant review. What is a compulsory system today may or should be a voluntary, privately owned system tomorrow. A good traceability system today may be obsolete in 5 years. The presentation was part of research that Wondu is doing to define requirements for traceability systems in livestock industries.