Biodegradable Plastics

Biodegradable Plastics: The Potential for Australian Potato as an input for biodegradable polymers.’

We are looking for supply chain operators to participate in a trial of starch potato seed, which would ultimately be part of a new starch processing plant. Agricultural Competitiveness Project of Kazakhstan. Project Manager, Policy Analyst and Project Coordinator for the World Bank funded identification mission on the Agricultural Competitiveness Project for the Ministry of Agriculture in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Team of 5 international and 5 local consultants. Examines measures and programs to improve sectoral competitiveness and identifies programs to create competitive research activitiy through a Competitive Fund for Agricultural Knowledge & Technology Adoption; improved Rural Technology Advisory Services; an improved Marketing and Information System; improved Quality Management; and Institutional Development to support specific measures. Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Industrial Products from Natural Plants and Materials’. This publication was released in 2000.

Bioplastics: The Potential for Agriculture to Supply Materials’.
This publication was released in November 2004 and can be sourced electronically from the Wondu Bookstore (return to the index page). It is a comprehensive report on the potential for agriculture to supply raw materials for production of bioplastics. EOI for Orders of the Bioplastics Report can be sent to: Information and Orders. The 250 page bioplastics report is one of the most critical assessments ever undertaken of the bioplastics industry. While the report contains a vast review of what research is happening and the types of products that are being developed its main value is in the strategic perspective of the overall plastics and bioplastics industries, examining which raw materials look to have a future in bioplastics supply chains and how a bioplastics industry might be organised from research through to supply chain structures..

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