Intensification required to meet future food demand

At the AIDF November 2013 Food Security Summit in Bangkok there was a general conclusion from several presentations that significant investment in agricultural intensification would be required to meet the projected 50% increase in food demand by 2050. Agricultural intensification is essentially about increasing the productivity of land and water resources in producing cash crops, livestock, forestry and aquaculture. Sustainable intensification means more efficient use of inputs. Just using more inputs will probbaly not solve the supply problem. With rapid urbanization and use of resources for industrial crops there is going to be growing competition for water and land resources. Food security will require more innovative technology, policy and management practices, according to Harvey Glick from Monsanto, which aims to double yields from its genetic material by 2030 (through biotechnology,molecular breeding and improved agronomic systems) ; reduce resource use by 33%; and help create improved and sustainable livelihoods.

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