site-img21Technology goes hand in hand with innovation and plays a crucial role in international competitiveness. It can improve the productivity of labour and capital at just about every stage along every supply chain, from agriculture and other resources through to manufacturing and services including government, education and health. It can also improve carbon footprints and sustainability. It can also reduce risk. Finally, it can enable lower costs and widespread benefits for consumers including the poor.
Some new technologies are specific to industries (e.g. biotechnology) and activities within them. Others are universal like digital infrastructure and the mobile telephones which is arguably the greatest of all technologies due to its global impact on everyone from the poorest of the poor people through to industrial and commercial activity.
The World Economic Forum analyses the impact and influence of ICT on economic growth and employment and measures network readiness through a Networked Readiness Index (NRI). Finland, Singapore and Sweden lead the global list of 144 economies on the NRI rankings. The NRI contains three sub-indexes: environment for ICT (market, political and infrastructure); stakeholder readiness (measured form responses of individuals, business and government); and usage.


What can we do to enhance awareness of and adoption of new technology?

● Help design a strategy and operational plan to improve your ranking on technological readiness, whether it’s an individual, business, industry or government.
● Identify technologies, systems and work practices to enhance efficiency, productivity and effectiveness in production and delivery of services and products.
● Help create a knowledge based edge to international competitiveness through innovation and technology.


Our approach to new technology

New technology, development and use, is a critical component of growth in productivity and international competitiveness. That’s the starting point for becoming technology ready. This means leadership and commitment to new technology at the most senior level of an organization.


New technology examples

● Broadband and agriculture and local government.
● Bioplastics Supply Chains.
● New Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Industrial Products.
● Food security and New Technology.


Interesting new technology links