There are only three countries in the world where manufacturing accounts for more than 30% of GDP: China, Korea Rep., Swaziland and Puerto Rico. China and Korea Rep. are or have been growth leaders. But growing global competition continues to drive location and re-location of manufacturing and industrial production, which depends on factor endowments and the local investment climates. Industrial production and manufacturing depends more than other sectors on access to reliable infrastructure, especially electricity, water, transport and education and raw materials. Countries that get their investment climate right and create the incentive for innovation and specialization can look forward to industrial growth for years to come.


Assignment Examples

  • Prepared the 2007 Industrial Policy Statement for Uganda;
  • Conducted feasibility studies into sub-sector enterprises ranging from machinery manufacturing through to food, textiles and bio-based chemical processing;
  • Value chain research and development including business models for food traceability systems;
  • Policy briefing notes on the role of the industrial sector in economic growth;
  • Identified binding constraints to industrial sector growth; and take a keen interest in policies and programs that stimulate sustainable industrial sector growth.