• When was Wondu Business & Technology Services established?

WBTS is a registered private company with the Australian Securities Commission [ACN 091 642 278]. It was established in July 2000. Activities were undertaken between 1987 and 2000 by Wondu Holdings which was established in October 1987.


  • Which countries have WBTS and its personnel undertaken work in?

Assignments have been undertaken in Australia (all States), Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, China, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, UK, US, Uganda, South Africa.


  • What is the focal point of activities undertaken?

Food Security; Performance Improvement; Risk Management.


  • What publications from Wondu are available for public viewing?

Publications are available for some government situations where there are no restrictions on access including, for example:


  • Can I/we use publications from Wondu Business & technology Services?

Copyright is attached to all publications. Ownership of the copyright depends on the conditions of sponsoring organizations. In many research activities supported by Government organization there is usually encouragement for wide dissemination of research results, providing the sponsoring organization is clearly acknowledged. It’s desirable to make contact with the sponsoring organization and WBTS (admin@wondu.com) for permissions to use publications for information and education use. We do not authorize use of our publications for marketing, promotion or re-sales.


  • What is the Wondu Alliance Program?

The vision of the Wondu Alliance Program is to enhance the value of each of our partners’ business’ and services and products sold, with the objective of creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace from the alliance.
For further information contact: info@wondu.com.