“if you are not in an alliance or network for the 21st Century then you will most surely be competing against one” -anonymous


At Wondu, we view alliances as critical to our effectiveness in working across a range of specialized, multi-disciplinary subject areas, in both developed and emerging economies. The basic value proposition we have is that our Alliance Program must create value for each and every participant, small or large, local or offshore, employee or sub-contractor. This fundamental and positive sum value proposition is the basis of developing our relationships with members of the Alliance Program.


The vision of the Wondu Alliance Program is to enhance the value of each of our partners’ business’ and services and products sold, with the objective of creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace from the alliance. We can create that competitive advantage if the transaction costs of the alliance are lower and the benefits greater than they would be outside the alliance.


We aim to develop close relationships with businesses that share our aims for growth and complement our resource base. We seek Alliance Program members that are willing to commit the necessary resources to the Alliance to ensure its success. In the end, members of the Alliance Program have to be rewarded for their level of commitment, but generally the idea is to share risks and rewards. Those who commit most resources and take on most risk receive most returns, but in principle the approach is to share, sometimes eliminate some of the risk associated with doing business independently.


Why be a member of the Wondu Alliance Program? We specialize in helping countries, companies, companies, SMEs and individuals  add value to their business by being better informed and making better decisions about cost and revenue management, risk management, market and industry development. We have helped create value through improved market access, development of infrastructure, productivity improvement, organisational development and corporate governance, skill development and new product development. The Alliance Program is intended to gain exposure to projects and situations that would not previously have been possible. For non-profit organisations we have helped them to achieve their objectives in a more efficient and direct way, again creating value for these organisations and their stakeholders.


Value Proposition for Members of the Alliance Program
We are looking for Members who are leaders in their respective market segments and that have a complementary value proposition with Wondu.com. Listed below are the seven Member Categories within the Wondu Alliance Program.


1. Geographically Positioned Consulting and Business Services
We seek to form relationships to cover the following regions: East Asia, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, India, Middle-East, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, North America, Latin America, North Africa and South Africa. The aim of the Geographic Category is for the host Partners to provide local administrative support, mutually beneficial access to markets, with other providing technological, marketing, institutional and financial expertise as required.
2. E-Commerce & Web Development Firms
We seek Partners with expertise and experience in Web design, development, maintenance, and digital and multi-media technologies.
3. Risk Management and Food security
Our core strength is in project managing and linking the multi-disciplinary skills of biotechnology, pharmacology, human health, science, economics, finance, general management and commercialization. We seek alliances with firms having the specialized expertise and awareness of risk management and food security.
4. Price Analyses, Revenue Management and Statistical Firms
We have a constant need for firms with expertise in price analyses, revenue management, statistical analyses, survey design, data collection and interpretation of results.
5. Competitiveness Improvement
From our experience two major influences on competitiveness are macro-economic performance (interest rates, inflation, taxation and exchange rate policy) and micro-economic performance (especially marketing and selling expertise and productivity).
6. Corporate Governance
Corporate governance and the quality of governance management standards have emerged as major measures of ethical practices, transparency and accountability in both developed and developing economies. We welcome contact with firms and people with expertise in this area or in specific sub-set areas such as performance reviews, disclosure practices, policy development, rule of law and control of corruption.


For More Information on the Wondu Alliance Program Please Contact: info@wondu.com