Wondu Business & Technology Services is a provider of contract R&D and consultancy professional services with work experience in Australia (all States) and more than 10 countries.


WBTS provides economic and technology services, including contract R&D activities for business, government, industry and private enterprises (small and large) in Less Developed, Developed and Developing Economies. In all our assignments we are searching for the extra yard, albeit through improved productivity, better market share, increased performance, sustainable growth, higher profits, better triple bottom line, improved governance or more satisfied clients.


Projects have a focus towards corporate strategy; business planning; risk management; food security; competition policy; Internet strategy and web development; industry sector studies (with an emphasis on agriculture and agribusiness, food, pharmaceuticals, bioplastics, nutraceuticals and textiles); biotechnology; and institutional development including privatization, corporate governance and restructuring. We deal with both on-line and off-line situations and applications. Many of our projects have multi-functional dimensions and multi-functional teams to deal with technology, science, markets, structure and economics.


The company name of Wondu is derived from the Australian aboriginal name for Eucalyptus wandoo – a long lasting, durable hardwood that thrives in the frequently difficult and changing environments of south-western Australia. It symbolizes our approach and philosophy that we believe we can make a difference to our clients, no matter what level of difficulty or complexity. That’s enabled us to work effectively in places like Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and East Asia


Every task starts with a conscious purpose and a goal. This involves understanding and commitment by the most senior level of management and we start by seeking to identify the nature and extent of the problem or opportunity in question. We believe it is important to ask and define the right questions before identifying and assessing the options available. Solving problems typically involves a process of independent investigation and research. We add value by helping clients to organize and understand that knowledge, and if necessary, procure that knowledge. Often, the information and knowledge resides with the client’s workforce. This means recognizing the importance and value of people through all operating, supervisory and managerial levels or the organization. We aim to improve practical decision making throughout all areas of the organization to ensure a balanced and integrated approach to the process of implementation of changing technologies, organizational structures and work practices.


With new discoveries and understanding of information comes more purpose and even new goals. That is the nature of our approach. There is no terminal point to knowledge, only new horizons to it. In this context, there is a “new economy” for every industry and firm, it is not confined to the information and communications sector. It extends very much into the so-called ‘traditional industries’.


We are fully Australian owned although we work closely with local and offshore organizations. Wondu has completed assignments in Australia, Africa, East Asia, Central Asia, Latin America, Russia, United States and Western Europe. Wondu is a registered private company with the Australian Securities Commission [ACN 091 642 020].